The foot is the foundation of the body. Often, conditions such as diabetes, ankle instabilities, tendonitis, and structural deformities of the foot impact this foundation and affect your daily life. Custom footwear, inserts, and supports are available to address these concerns.

Arch Supports/Orthotics

Custom manufactured from molds taken of the patient in natural alignment, “Orthotics” come in a variety of designs and styles, and provide gentle, corrective support to individuals experiencing symptoms.

Richie Brace®

A custom molded foot bed together with uprights which rise up the sides of the leg, the Richie brace is designed to provide the user with a lighter weight, more comfortable option for bracing of the ankle in cases of Tendon weakness and a variety of other foot and ankle pathologies.

Arizona AFO®

Used in the treatment of Posterior Tibialis Tendon dysfunction and other disorders of the foot including ankle arthritis and trauma, the Arizona AFO® provides stability to the ankle joint and the reduction of pain. Various styles and designs are available depending on the medical condition requiring treatment.

  • "I cannot find the correct words for thanking you for the magnificent work that you have done on my prostheses."
    — Jean C.

  • "We have had the opportunity to meet people that are so kind, generous and loving and it is a pleasure to be able to see my grandson walk again after four years in a wheelchair. Everyone at Allied will always be in my heart."
    — Juana

  • "When I met Mr. Luna and the staff at Allied, I understood that this was a family, worthy of my trust. Today, I feel that I made the correct decision in choosing them to fit me with my prosthesis."
    — Ovidio C.

  • "I adore the work done by everyone at Allied and I feel they inspired me to walk again, and I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation for a job well done."
    Keith L.