Spinal orthoses are used to treat an array of conditions in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions. They can provide correction to a deformed spine, support by abdominal compression, protection to the spine post-operatively, and immobilization for spinal fractures.

Scoliosis Management

Timely treatment of spinal deformities is critical. Therefore, we utilize proven principles in our brace designs to aggressively address Thoracic, Lumbar, Thoracolumbar and Kyphotic curvatures of the spine.


Body jackets restrict motion in all planes, immobilize the spine for protection post-operatively and offer stability following spinal injuries and fractures.

Semi-Rigid Spinal Supports

The comfort of soft spinal supports is coupled with the support of more rigid designs. Several styles, which include removable abdominal and spinal panels, make these a versatile option for a variety of spinal conditions.


Flexible supports are available in a variety of designs. These offer compression and stabilization to the Thoracic and Lumbar regions using flexible stays and elasticized fabrics for increased comfort.


Stability and mild traction are provided for the neck following sprains, painful arthritic conditions, or weaknesses that require added support. They range from soft foam collars to semi-rigid in structure depending on the condition.

  • "I cannot find the correct words for thanking you for the magnificent work that you have done on my prostheses."
    — Jean C.

  • "We have had the opportunity to meet people that are so kind, generous and loving and it is a pleasure to be able to see my grandson walk again after four years in a wheelchair. Everyone at Allied will always be in my heart."
    — Juana

  • "When I met Mr. Luna and the staff at Allied, I understood that this was a family, worthy of my trust. Today, I feel that I made the correct decision in choosing them to fit me with my prosthesis."
    — Ovidio C.

  • "I adore the work done by everyone at Allied and I feel they inspired me to walk again, and I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation for a job well done."
    Keith L.