Upper extremity orthoses are devices applied externally to restore or improve certain functional and structural characteristics of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. In general, musculoskeletal problems include those resulting from trauma, sports, and work-related injuries.

Custom Wrist Hand Orthoses

Positioning of the Upper Extremity is important to prevent contractures and address deformities. Varying designs stabilize the joints and maintain the hand, wrist, and fingers in a position of function.

Range of Motion/Contracture Management

Range of motion braces provide dynamic or static progression of the elbow joint following limitations in range of motion after surgery, or from joint contractures or muscle tightness in individuals with increased muscle tone (spasticity). This is accomplished by using joints which can be adjusted as the user's range increases.

Fracture Orthoses

Fracture orthoses externally support the fractured segment of the upper extremity, provide soft tissue compression for limitation of swelling and allow the user to remove the bracing for hygiene and therapy.

Positioning Splints

Soft and padded, these splints are typically used in mild to moderate cases where positioning is key to minimize contractures. These position the wrist and hand in close to optimal alignment and are available in designs for the wrist/hand/fingers and elbow.

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