Upper limb prostheses are designed to replace the function or appearance of a missing upper limb. Our prosthetic fitting goal is to help the patient regain their physical function. We offer a range of options and work together with the patient to determine which design is most appropriate to achieve these goals. We work with all levels of amputation, including partial hand and hand, above and below elbow, and shoulder disarticulations.


The world's first fully articulated and commercially available bionic hand, the iLimb® closely mimics the human hand with incredible levels of facility and feedback to enable a stunning range of movements and uses.

Electronically Controlled

The most recent additions to the prosthetic field are electrically-powered limbs controlled by electrical signals from the body. Muscle impulses control hand and finger function and allow for elbow flexion in above elbow amputees. Cosmetic gloves are also available to make the prosthesis more inconspicuous.

Transradial (Below Elbow)

An artificial limb that replaces an arm missing below the elbow, traditional transradial prostheses are typically cable-operated limbs that works with an attached harness and cable. A variety of suspension and interface options are available depending on the amputee’s needs.

Transhumeral (Above Elbow)

Transhumeral prostheses replace an arm missing above the elbow and are usually cable-operated limbs that work by attaching a harness and cable around the opposite shoulder of the damaged arm. The need for elbow flexion and extension, and wrist/hand function varies among amputees and is determined as part of the treatment plan.

  • "I cannot find the correct words for thanking you for the magnificent work that you have done on my prostheses."
    — Jean C.

  • "We have had the opportunity to meet people that are so kind, generous and loving and it is a pleasure to be able to see my grandson walk again after four years in a wheelchair. Everyone at Allied will always be in my heart."
    — Juana

  • "When I met Mr. Luna and the staff at Allied, I understood that this was a family, worthy of my trust. Today, I feel that I made the correct decision in choosing them to fit me with my prosthesis."
    — Ovidio C.

  • "I adore the work done by everyone at Allied and I feel they inspired me to walk again, and I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation for a job well done."
    Keith L.